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Payroll Resources
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These links provide useful resources to assist you with additional calculations, supplies, tax information and other payroll issues.

Paycheck Calculators
As part of our service, Intuit Online Payroll calculates all payroll amounts for you so you never need a separate calculator.

We also provide individual paycheck calculators as tools you can use as you think about your payroll. With these tools, you can calculate “what-if” scenarios. See the tax consequences of different pay rates, or see what the gross pay should be if your employees have fixed take-home pay. These calculators are provided for general informational and educational purposes only. Numbers may be slightly different than those produced in an Intuit Online Payroll account.


Payroll Tools and Supplies
Save time and order check stock or blank perforated W-2 paper that works with Intuit Online Payroll.

Advice for Small Business Owners
Research payroll issues such as paying terminated employees and complying with fair wage laws, and use tools and tips to help start or grow your business.

Accounting Software
Web sites for users of QuickBooks, QuickBooks for Mac, and Quicken.

Household Employers
The IRS publication for household employers, nanny services, and sites offering advice for parents.

Federal Agencies and Tax Forms
Find publications and information from the IRS, the U.S. Department of Labor, and other federal agencies.

State Agencies and Tax Forms
Click the name of your state for links to your state agencies, miscellaneous state payroll forms, and business advice.